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Septic System Installation in Mineral Point, PA

Varner’s Hilltop Septic Professionally Installs Septic Systems

Varner’s Hilltop Septic offers septic system installation in Mineral Point, PA. If you are building a new home or office building, you will be responsible for installing a septic system. A septic system contains an underground septic tank made of plastic, concrete, fiberglass, or another material. It treats and disposes of sewage from your household or business. Septic systems provide individualized wastewater treatment options for homes and businesses in more rural areas.

If you are in need of a septic system, do not try to install it yourself. Septic system installation requires a specific set of expertise and equipment. Call Varner’s Hilltop Septic at (814) 495-3197 if you need septic system installation today.

Benefits from a Septic System Installation in Mineral Point, PA

Homeowners and businessowners in Mineral Point, PA, alike may choose to install septic systems for many reasons. The biggest benefit to installing a septic system is that there are no monthly fees, unlike sewer services. In today’s eco-friendly world, septic systems beat sewer services in terms of being environmentally-friendly. Septic systems rely on natural bacteria to clean the wastewater, unlike chemicals used at sewage treatment plans.

Septic systems can also last for decades with proper maintenance. Steel septic tanks can last 15 to 20 years, with concrete septic tanks lasting up to 40 years. If you are looking for an eco-friendly wastewater solution for your home or business, call us today.

How To Prepare for Septic System Installation

Prior to septic system installation, there are a few items that you should cross off of your list first. To begin, you will want to hire a professional septic system installer, like Varner’s Hilltop Septic. We hold the proper insurance and licensing for comprehensive septic system installation for your ease of mind.

You will then need to test your soil that will surround the tank. Septic systems rely on permeable soil to naturally treat liquid residue so it cannot contaminate runoff water or the water table. A percolation, or “perc” test, confirms the soil meets the requirements set by the local health department. You are legally obligated to obtain a permit to start the installation process.

As we are installing your septic system, we will need to excavate a lot of land. We can schedule this process so it has a minimal impact on the construction process of your new home or business. If you currently reside on the land, you may want to budget landscaping costs to fix any damage that occurs during excavation. At Varner’s Hilltop Septic, we try to be as minimally invasive as possible. However, septic system installation is a large installation process that requires a lot of moved land and heavy machinery that can alter your landscaping.

Alternative Septic System Installation Options

Sometimes convention septic systems do not work, depending on the landscape of the area. In this occasion, land owners will need to utilize an alternative septic system. These alternative septic systems do the same as traditional septic systems. They treat wastewater and dispose of it properly, without disruption to your home or landscaping. If you believe your land will need an alternative septic system, call us today to discuss your options.

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