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Septic and Sewer Services in Blair County, PA

Serving Altoona, Tyrone, and Hollidaysburg, PA

Septic System Replacement and More by Varner’s Hilltop Septic

Varner’s Hilltop Septic provides septic and sewer services in Blair County, PA. Altoona, Tyrone, and Hollidaysburg residents can rely on Varner’s to provide septic system replacement and more. When you are looking to replace your septic system, you may get intimidated by potential costs. We try to work with your budget and find affordable solutions for all of our services. Our services include

The first step to a successful septic or sewer line system is quality and professional installation. Varner’s Hilltop Septic can install your septic system or sewer lines efficiently and quickly. We perform all excavation services needed. We carry the licenses and experience needed to do the job right the first time. Call us today for an appointment at (814) 495-3197.

Easy Septic Pumping Services Near Tyrone, PA

Residents, businesses, and more in Tyrone, PA, can rely on Varner’s septic pumping services. Septic pumping is one of the vital maintenance requirements when you install a septic tank system. How often you need septic pumping is dependent on a number of reasons, including

  • The number of solids inside the tank
  • The volume of your tank
  • The volume of water added to the tank

Varner’s Hilltop Septic can provide you with recommendations on how often you should get your septic tank pumped. If you think it is time to get your septic tank pumped, do not wait. Call us to schedule septic tank pumping today.

Dependable Sewer Line Repair Near Altoona, PA

Sewer line issues can cause a multitude of problems. It is important to get suspected sewer line problems fixed quickly and correctly. Varner’s Hilltop Septic provides sewer line repair to residents, businesses, and municipalities near Altoona, PA. As much as sewer line issues are frustrating, they are unavoidable. Often, sewer line repair will need excavation services within your city’s jurisdiction. We have the licensing, experience, and knowledge to provide a solution quickly. We try to be as minimally disruptive as possible. Contact us today for reliable sewer line repair.

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